• No elbow strikes, head body legs.
• No heel hooks,
• No spinal locks or striking to the spine.
• No neck cranks, (any form of hyper extension.)
• No spiking, (you cannot drop an opponent intentionally on to their head.)
• No knees to the head, (if the opponent has three points of contact to the ground.)
• No striking to the throat.
• No striking to the back of the head.
• No striking direct to the joints, (i.e. knee joints.)
• No gauging.
• No striking with the head.
• No groin strikes.


• 3 X 3 minute rounds, all with 1 minute intervals.
• 6 – 8 oz sparring type MMA gloves.
• No head shots what so ever.
• No up kicks to the head.


• 3 X 3 minute rounds, all with 1 minute intervals.
• 6 – 8 oz or 4 oz if agreed by both opposing camps.
• Head shots standing only, this may be delivered by fist, knee, and foot.
• Up kicks allowed.


• 3 X 4 minute rounds, all with 1 minute intervals.
• 6 – 8 oz sparring type MMA gloves.
• Strikes may be delivered to the head of a grounded opponent by means of fist only.
• Up kicks allowed.


Trainers, only three may be present at cage side throughout the bout, notifying the referee of the head trainer, while working in the cage in the minute interval we ask that you wipe up any spillages, as this could result in an accident to either fighter, you will be told at 50 seconds that time is up, please be prompt in leaving the cage.

Fighters, the fight will continue until one of you submits, the corner throws in the towel, and the referee stops the fight or the doctor stops the contest or the time limit of the round expires.

The referee may also stop the fight in a number of cases, intelligent defending,(Protect yourself at all times) Timidity, (a fighter is avoiding his opponent) Progression, (Keep working, if you are on the ground and not working or advancing, you will be stood up) The referee may stop the fight if a fighter has received a cut, time will be called for a doctor to check the cut, the fight will continue if the doctor feels the fighter may continue, if the fight is stopped and the fighter requires medical assistance, only the doctor and paramedics may enter the cage while the fighter receives treatment.

Spitting out of a gum shield will not stop the fight; the referee will look for the first opportunity to replace the gum shield. If you commit a foul you will be asked to go to a neutral area, no communication with your trainer in this instance is permitted, if you continue to foul your opponent you will be deducted points or disqualified.

On tapping out, your health and safety is paramount, be clear of your intentions, on hovering your hand by looking to tap the referee may deem this as a tap, same as a verbal submission be clear. Referees have a duty and care to protect a fighter regardless of a submission or not, once we know that a severe injury may occur we would be looking to stop the bout.

Arrive at cage prepared, gum shield, groin guard, and correct attire of shorts. Hand raps may be worn, but no building up of the knuckle area is permitted, rash
guards may be worn if agreed by the opposing camp.

Vaseline may only be applied at cage side in front of official, if you arrive with any form of Vaseline/oil on the body you may be deducted a point. If it cannot be removed you may be disqualified, you will be checked by an official prior to entering the cage, make sure your gloves are taped with the relevant colour. Once the fighter has entered the cage the referee will confirm with you that you understand what rules you will be fighting to.

If the fight lasts the full duration and goes to the judge’s score cards, you may feel the wrong decision has been awarded, no discussion will take place in the cage; feel free to take it up with an official after the event.

Good luck to all of you, and keep it sporting with a respect for each other.